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20 Warning sign of magnesium deficiency
Mostly Americans do not understand the importance and benefits of magnesium as Magnesium is one of the six top macro-minerals that contains 99% of the bodyís mineral content. Magnesium helps build bones, enables nerves to function, and is essential to the production of energy from food. Magnesium deficiency is more common in people and i will show you 7 warning sign that could help you find the deficiency of that mineral from suspected person.

1.Kidney Stones (nephrolithiasis or urolithiasis )
Most kidney stones are calcium stones, usually in the form of calcium oxalate, but the truth it is mostly due to deficiency of magnesium that prevents the formation of these stones by inhibiting the binding of calcium with oxalate. Kidney stone can be more painful so by use adequate magnesium supplement we can avoid the formation of kidney stone.

2.Muscle pain and Cramps

A muscle cramp is an involuntarily and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax. Physical over-exertion and/or physical exertion of cold muscles can increase the risk of cramps, as can muscle injury and fatigue..A lack of sufficient magnesium can lead to muscle cramping and twitching. Using Magnesium is highly absorb-able and is better utilized by the cells in your body to make energy and keep you healthy.

20 Health Benefits of Sesame You Wonít Believe

Sesame seeds may be tiny, but they have huge health benefits. They were worth their weight in gold during the Middle Ages, and for many good reasons.

The more I learn about this precious seed, the more I want to share it with other people. Iím an enthusiastic eater of all sorts of seeds, but sesame seeds in the form of tahini and oil are favorites of mine.

20 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

1. Full of Great Protein
Sesame seeds are full of high quality protein making up 20 percent of the seed with 4.7 grams of protein per ounce.

2. Helps Prevent Diabetes
Sesame seeds contain magnesium and other nutrients. Sesame oil has been shown to prevent diabetes, and it can also improve plasma glucose in hypersensitive diabetics.

18 Top uses of aloe vera juice
Aloe vera plant is a non-toxin, succulent plant which store water in their fleshy leaves and its succulence allow this juicy plant to survive in areas of low natural rainfall. There are many Aloe vera benefits from health to nutrition, from acne treatment to skin care. Aloe vera plant is widely grown as an ornamental plant; however it is equally popular as medicinal plant due to several Aloe vera uses.

Health Benefits and uses of Aloe vera juice

1. Weight Loss

You must have taken slimming tablets or tried all the exercises and diets to lose weight. However, you didnít get the desired results. Do you want to lose weight naturally? Aloe vera juice is the easy and natural weight loss solution. It reduces weight by stabilizing the metabolic rate, reducing lipid levels and helping burn fat.

2 Control Diabetes

Aloe Vera is good for diabetes patients because it helps to regulate the blood sugar levels when consumed regularly. However, consult your doctor before you start consuming the aloe juice.You need to have the dose prescribed by doctor so that it doesnít interfere with the medicines you are having to curb blood sugar. Aloe vera plant is considered to be a miracle plant because of its too many curative and healing health benefits.

3. Increase Immune system

Drinking aloe juice regularly replenishes the amino acid deficiency in your body. The high vitamin content in it boosts up your bodyís immune system and self-defense mechanism.