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Keep Your Dog Flea Free with ACV
Fleas that just wonít go away are a problem for many pet owners.

Finding a safe, non-toxic solution to your never-ending flea infestation can be an incredibly frustrating endeavor, and many dog owners eventually turn to chemical solutions in defeat. Yet there are safer and more environmentally friendly ways.

Apple Cider Vinegar is natural and perfectly safe to use around pets and young children. Itís also much cheaper than many over-the-counter flea medications. It wonít harm your best friend but it will stop the fleas from sticking around!

Here are some tips from a team of pest controllers with over 20 years experience fighting off flea infestations.

As a Topical Spray

The most effective way to eradicate fleas on your pet is by using a spray made of equal parts ACV and water. Spray your pooch all over with the solution. If your dog has longer hair you might need to brush it through to ensure full coverage.

Be careful not to spray the ACV mix into your petís eyes, as this will sting.

Watch outÖ This is How Stress Affects Your Body

Stress impacts the psychological state of a human being negatively, but do you ever think about how it affects the physiological function of the body? And your health as a whole? In this article, I will explain to you briefly how stress may affect various body organs, even though you might not realize it. Stress symptoms are the culprit for that nagging headache, weak vitality, and frequent insomnia.

Being able to recognize common stress symptoms can help you get an idea of what youíre dealing with and the long term physiological effects that you might have to face if you ignore this problem.

Common symptoms of stress and anxiety:

Accelerated heart rate
Stiff neck or shoulders
7 Best Herbs for Boosting Metabolism and Helping You Lose Weight
Natural ways make your weight loss program a little bit easier and there are herbal plants that have positive effects to stimulate your metabolism and aid in weight loss. Along with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise, these weight loss herbs boost weight loss effectively:


As one of the most widely used herbs, ginseng is not only popular for its memory-boosting effects, it also helps weight loss. As a stimulant, ginseng boosts your metabolism and provides energy for you, both of which are beneficial for weight loss.


Tea made with sage leaves aids in weight loss because of its stimulant and diuretic properties. Regular consumption of sage leaf tea can help you flush the harmful waste out of your body and boost your metabolic rate, all of which are resulting in weight loss.


Oregano oil has been widely used to treat many ailments, including preventing obesity. It keeps your digestive system function well and helps flush out the excess toxins from the body, this will reduce the risk of obesity and good for your overall health.


Spearmint tea helps weight loss in several ways:

It works as an appetite suppressant
Helps with digestive process
Promotes absorption of nutrients
Whatís more, spearmint has stress-relieving properties, which is also important for maintaining a healthy weight.